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Does your company have a Customer Engagement Process, which measures and assesses your services and products and value proposition on an annual deep dive and half yearly check up process?

Are you easy to do business with and do you understand the strengths and weakness of your competitors? How strategically aligned are you with your key customers and can you see the benefit of this alignment?

If you want to know the brutal facts about how your customers see you, as Jim Collins would say, consider using the Market Immersion Process, a Customer Engagement and alignment process



The Customers

we have interacted with!

Automotive Retail
(Imperial Ltd Group)

Chemunique International
Pty Ltd

Clover Limited

Pick n Pay

SBV Services





TNS Global


The Pacific Institute

Standard Bank

Argil Business Growth Pty Ltd



Digistics Pty Ltd



Eagle Wind Distributors Pty Ltd (Harley-Davidson)








”I have known Jerry for over 25 years and SBV Services, the company I am Group CEO of, has engaged his services in both Personal Mastery facilitation and strategic customer engagement.  Jerry is an expert in these fields and his engagements have added significant value to our business and our management team.  I have no reservations in recommending him and his services.”

“Jerry is an international facilitator, Executive coach and a trusted advisor of TNS, with a passion for growth and development in our company and our people. He has impacted upon our region in South Africa, the Middle East, Egypt and Turkey, as well as in West and East Africa and has the unique ability to relate to and to connect with people at all levels>”

Chemuniqué International recently contracted Jerry to conduct the full ‘Market Immersion Process’ with a cross section of randomly selected clients. The process has been high successful in highlighting our company and individual staff shortfalls in dealing with our customers and has also indicated how we are doing relative to the alternatives available to our customers.
The manner in which Jerry conducts the customer interviews is key to the usefulness of the data derived from the interviews. This process has been a first for us, but is already yielding great results and has been critical in formulating our forward plans and the direction for our internal staff training programmes.
I highly recommend this process to create and or grow a corporate customer centric culture in your organisation.”

Grant Dunnington,
Group Ceo
SBV Services

Nimmita Maharaj,,
Global Organisation Development Manager,
TNS Global (2015)

Terry Wiggill,
Managing Director
Chemunique International (Pty) Ltd (2013)




“If you change the way you think,
you can change the way you run your life.”

Do you want to grow your key leadership staff, increase the level of Employee Engagement, and teach them how to grow exponentially?

Consider using the worldwide acclaimed Investment in Excellence program, as well as our Personal Mastery Executive Coaching process.

In order to maximise people’s strengths, we use the accredited Individual and Team Strengthscope profile assesment for dream team development.

“A great dream without a great team is worthless”









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